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It takes approximately 220 kg of feed to get a 4 week old weaner to 22 weeks (110kg Live Weight), Then 3 months 2.5kg per day until 8 months = 225kg (at mating) and 2.5kg x 115days = 290kg. So around 730kg of feed going into the weaner, you buy. About 1/3 grower feed, 1/3 finisher feed and 1/3 dry sow feed. We provide housing, water, labor, health costs and we take all the risk if the pig dies. We give you time to earn money (from other sources - your current job) and build your own facility. At month 8, the piglet will be ready to mate, we will serve her a boar, and gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days (Approximately 4 months), so at month 12 you will have a grown female pig (sow) and piglets, which you can keep at your facility or sell.

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Payments should be made to;
Bank: FNB
Account No: 62749028248
Account holder: Bakone Hub (pty) ltd
Branch code: 260148 (email completed form and Proof of payment to info@bakonehub.com )