Powerful, Simple & reliable Crowd farming model

Pigs at Bakone Farms live a life much more like we feel they were created to than pigs raised in a confinement facility. Our pigs never spend any time on concrete. Their tails are not clipped off and their teeth are not trimmed back. This is done in confinement operations because the pigs fight when they are crowded and living an unnatural life.

Our pigs have access to pasture and the roots, grubs and other “goodies” that come along with it. They spend hot days lying in the mud and play by rolling rocks and anything else they can find around in the pasture. Our hogs are fed a feed ground by a local farmer. This feed is NON-GMO, contains local ingredients and does not include any antibiotics. Pigs are moved to different areas of pasture during the year and contained with movable electric fence.

What Drives Us

Bakone Farms has an experienced team which uses their wealth of experience and to better manage our farming operations. Our team has a combined 70 years of experience in corporate, farming and Organic farming methos.

How our Crowd pig farming works

For Just R4500 you get;
  • • A 1 month old female piglet
  • • feeds for a year
  • • housing and labor at our farm
  • • at month 8 it will be on heat, we will serve it our own boar
  • • at month 12 it should give birth
  • • you get to take it and all its piglets
  • • Highlight your profile to get a direct advantage over competitors
  • • Branding longetivety- a constant reminder of company’s product and services leading up to the event through advertisements in the print media and social media.
  • "The program can be tailor made to your specific needs, especially people who do not have access to land and want to keep the pigs with us beyond the 12 months" This is Bakone farms giving you a head-start if you ask me... whatsapp me on: 083 745 1327 for any queries

    Shared Wealth

    We create value by producing the best quality Pigs to benefit our staff, farmers, investors, pork customers and the environment.

    Customer First

    We care for the needs of our investors and want to add value to their lives every day.


    The world of investments is filled with hidden surprises and fine print. We aim to be the opposite of that by putting you at center of the farm


    Bakone Flea Market will offer immense opportunities for improving your corporate visibility & publicity for your organization. e

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