Senamoriri Co-Operative making it big

Senamoriri brick-making co-operative has received a major boost towards realizing their dream of making it big in the business.

The Senamoriri cooperative, from Springfield Village, Bochum, in Limpopo province, are now ready to start plying their trade after NDA ( National Development Agency) donated  fencing, electricity, borehole, stone crushing platform and equipment.

The ambitious team also recently received a 10 cubic meter side tipper truck from Department of rural development, and a TLB. they also received a cash injection from the department of Social development.

The co-op has been under Social development’s wing since its inception, as part of the department’s programme of assisting Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) develop into self-sustainable businesses.

“We have been with you throughout this journey, but it’s time for you to show what you are made of. We will still be available for assistance, but we expect you to make this business thrive and to be an example to others that you can and will be sustainable,”  said a representative of Social development. the Co-operative is still growing strong, employing 24  employees from the community.

Speaking on behalf of Senamoriri Co-operative, co-op member Matome Mokgobu thanked the Department of social development, National Development Agency, Department of rural development and the community or continued support and for the assistance and faith invested in them.

“We want to assure you that we will not let you down and you will be proud of us,” he said.

their products are;

  • Stock brick
  • crushed stone ( 13mm, 19mm and crushed sand)
  • bou sand
  • river sand
  • they also resell cement

the Co-operative started operations in 2010 and are growing strong by the day. Bakone Hub wishes them all the best, and may tehy be an example that impossible is nothing to other entrepreneurs who are still finding their way in the business realm.

visit their website on

“The Courage to grow is business”

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